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Servants Friends International

Is a group of like-minded Charismatic Christian Communities that relate together for mutual

support, encouragement and development in the life of the Holy Spirit.


The Federation was established by Joe & Julie Chircop in 2008. With over 25 years’ experience as leaders in the Charismatic Renewal in Australia  Joe is the founding elder of the Servants of Jesus Community.

  • Related communities are equal in status.
  • Communities are encouraged to have a brotherly concern for one another, but are not legally joined or responsible for each other.
  • They share a vision to foster the growth of Christian Community.
  • They share a desire to foster the spread of the Gospel together, including overseas mission.
  • Leaders from each community meet together at least annually to share and discuss the work of the Holy Spirit among them.


  • To help develop existing Communities
  • To find like-minded Communities who would like to join the Federation
  • To help establish and grow new Communities around the world
  • To oversee, establish and develop Conferences around the world to further propagate the Gospel of Jesus Christ (e.g. Share the Holy Spirit Conference in Sydney)


‘Go therefore and make disciples of all nations….’ Matt 28:19

The focus of our mission trips is discipleship. This is a two way process, the formation of those who go and the formation of those we go to.

Whilst the goal on any mission trip is to evangelise, disciple, encourage and build relationships with other groups and communities, in doing so our own teams are evangelised, discipled, built up and strengthened in their relationships. We go out to train and equip others with what we ourselves have received but in giving away the gospel we receive the gospel.

Mission Trips:

SFI is working with groups in South America, Africa, Papua New Guinea, Malta and England. For more information click here