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Share the Holy Spirit 2016 Conference Speakers

Matt Sorger is a prophetic and practical life minister, healing evangelist, and the head of Matt Sorger Ministries. He travels nationally and internationally, ministering the Word in the power of the Holy Spirit, and hosts a weekly television program titled Power for Life. Many have experienced healing and breakthrough during Matt’s meetings. He holds a degree in biblical studies and has ministered in over 25 nations of the earth. He currently resides in New York.

Brian Pickering is the National Coordinator of the Australian Prayer Network in which role he encourages and facilitates prayer for Australia and for the Church in our Nation. The Australian Prayer Network is one of the largest cross denominational prayer networks in the Southern Hemisphere. He involved in a teaching ministry through the Watchmen Schools of Intercession his ministry runs across the nation.

Annette M. Eckart is an internationally known speaker and servant of the Lord. After experiencing an extraordinary healing from crippling rheumatoid arthritis  she and her husband Ed founded Bridge for Peace in 1988. Annette speaks with power and compassion, proclaiming Jesus Christ through her experience of serving the Lord on six continents. Annette and Ed lead short-term mission teams around the world, preaching, praying for people, and training them in biblical principles.

Chris Noone is a Catholic layman, father of five children and husband of Valerie who is a Pentecostal. He is a leader in the Servants of Jesus Community and Presiding Moderator of the Bread of Life Catholic Fellowship and deeply involved in Ecumenism. He has also been frequently used by God in the area of physical healing.

Joseph Chircop is the co-founder of the Servants of Jesus Community and also the Bread of Life Catholic Fellowship. Joseph is also the Director of the registered charity, Community Care. He has taught and preached in various parts of the world including Australia, Africa, United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. Joe has a Bachelor of Theology and has been active in the Charismatic Renewal for over 30 years.

Julie Chircop is a pastoral and worship leader in the Servants of Jesus Community. Julie is well recognised as an anointed preacher and teacher of the Word of God, particularly in the area of the “inner life”. Julie seeks to enable the Holy Spirit to restore hearts and bring healing into people’s lives. Along with her husband, Joseph, she has spoken at many centres around Australia, overseas and at the ’Share the Holy Spirit’ Conferences. Julie and Joseph have three adult children.

KC Emmanuel, born and raised in the nation of Nigeria, has planted and pastored churches in the much publicized extremist Kano in North Nigeria where there is much persecution against the church. He visited and preached to the ‘House Churches’ in Communist China with great impact. KC now lives in Australia and ministers God’s word in faith and power.

Adriana Leslie and her husband Phillip lead up a team from the Servants of Jesus Community who comfort, strengthen and encourage others in and through the gift of prophecy. Many have been touched by the simple, faithful and down to earth exercise of this gift over the years.