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Holy Spirit Conference 2019

John Pridmore

Author of A Gangsters Guide to God & From Gangland to Promised Land. 

John made an unconscious decision at a very young age not to stop loving. This evolved into an adult life involving violence, guns and major drug deals in London’s East End. John thought he had everything in life, money, power, girls, drugs … but that began changing after an incident where he thought he may have killed someone.

He  says “I looked at myself and thought what have I become.” At aged 27 John attended a Catholic retreat and although not realising what a retreat was, he experienced a profound conversion. 

He now travels world-wide, trusting in the providence of God, and telling his story of how the love of Father God can transform a hardened, self-focused life!  

Ben Gray

Author, experienced pastor and businessman, who has travelled the globe in church and mission activities.

Ben has spiritual understanding that combines with communication and leadership skills to impact a generation.

Ben is currently serving as;

  • Apostolic leader of CHI-Ministries, a non-denominational network of Kingdom Ministry, Strategic Prayer and Global Mission:
  • Director and Founder of Vocations 4Life an innovative Online Program that helps people to discover their ‘all-of-life’ calling and mission in God;
  • Apostolic oversight and Founder of the Australian Prayer Network, a large cross-denominational prayer movement He’s an experienced leader in the prayer movement nationally and internationally.

Ben has a great ability and desire for God’s big kingdom to be part of individual lives. So he is passionate to see believers deepen their intimacy with Jesus Christ, to discover their true identity and fulfill their calling in God.

Dr Rajan Thiagarajah

An Ordained Minister of the Christian Church in Australia. He is the founder and Senior Pastor of Mighty Living Waters Life Fellowship, a multicultural Church in Perth, Western Australia.

The Lord has anointed and blessed his servant with a dynamic preaching, teaching and healing ministry, with the emphasis of the Person of The Holy Spirit.

Dr Rajan travels widely and ministers at many conferences and churches throughout the world, reaching the nations for the Lord Jesus Christ through God’s saving and healing power. He has written books on Faith, the Anointing, the Blood of Jesus, and the Holy Spirit’s workings.

Dr Rajan is a faithful servant of the Lord, with a mandate from God to teach and preach God’s Word with signs and wonders following. He desires to lead people into a living relationship with the Holy Spirit because he believes there is a great need for the presence and work of the Holy Spirit in a believer’s life.

Many have testified as to how their lives have been touched, changed and transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit through his ministry.

Timetable for 2019